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ZTC International Landscape Solutions Pvt. Ltd. proudly sponsored 2011 ISOLA Conference held in Ahmedabad on 10th and 11th September. Indian Society of Landscape Architects (ISOLA) was established in May 2003 and was registered with Charity Commissioner in the State of Gujarat. The Society is at the forefront in creating awareness about the fast emerging profession of Landscape Architecture and promoting and enhancing the professional excellence among its members. ISOLA is a member of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA).

The speakers at the Conference included President, International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), from Mexico Ms Desiree Martinez; Global Chair, IFLA Cultural Landscapes Committee, from the US Ms Patricia O’Donnell; Chairperson, IFLA Asia Pacific Region, Cultural Landscapes Committee, from People’s Republic of Korea Prof Dr Sung Kyun Kim; Member – Rajya Sabha, Founder-Director Indira Gandhi Centre for the Arts Dr Kapila Vatsyayan; and many other noted professors and retired professors from across the world.

It is well known that landscapes have evolved in relationship to various natural resources and continue to exist as relict in living traditional cultures. This is possible due to relationships that cultures established with and within nature through exploration and understanding. The ways in which human societies have adapted and evolved in response to environmental conditions are specific; and in the production of differentiated cultures, these have shaped the environments they inhabit. These landscapes can be termed as ‘Cultural Landscapes’.

The conference aimed to cogitate on the Cultural Landscapes from the earliest known evidence of civilisation, to the classical period of about the fifth century C.E. However the theme was centric to the idea of Cultural Landscapes for the Indian sub-continent.

The Conference explored various related aspects of civilization and cultural development like

  • Natural Landscapes of Early Holocene – Natural resources and husbandry, Rise and fall of civilizations attributing to the ecological and geographical factors,
  • Cultural Landscapes of Early Indian Janapada – Technology, Agricultural development and technology, Organisation of Labour, Industry and Commerce, Aspects of political ideas and institutions, Social conditions and Legal frameworks, Economy, trade and cultural contacts with the other contemporaneous civilizations, Urbanism, Medicine, Land tenures, acts and management.
  • Current thinking on cultural landscapes.
  • Thinking through the Indian cultural landscape; idea, practice.
  • The link to the conference site is http://www.culturallandscapes.info/