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What We Do :
What We Do :
What We Do :
What We Do :


Artificial Lakes and Ponds (using lining tech)

Lakes and ponds are normally used for domestic water supply, industrial use, irrigation, watering livestock, fisheries, hydro-electric power or for decorative purposes. Whatever be the purpose of the water body, managing and maintenance of naturally existing or artificially created lakes and ponds involves serious planning and execution.


Aeration Systems

Lakes and ponds are still water bodies. The oxygen content in them reduces over time and promotes the growth of undesirable algae and bacteria. Part of Lake and Pond Management involves aeration which is the process of increasing the oxygen saturation of water. Doing this speeds up the process of oxidising organic and mineral pollution. Aeration stimulates natural bacteria and they will feed on muck, organics and the food that normally feeds algae blooms or aquatic plants growth. Often a safe and sound form of pollution removal is using aeration and bacteria.

Bio Filtration

Bio Filtration refers to the activity that helps clear lakes, ponds and other water bodies of unwanted algae and bio-waste from fish and water plant activities. This process also kills bad bacteria using UV filters. It is also a part of the aeration process.

ZTC´s Role

ZTC International provides total lake Management solutions of international standards such as construction of Artificial Lakes and Ponds, Aeration Systems and Bio Filtration which are all interconnected and feature as a package in any Lake Management Project. ZTC provides design and engineering facilities in the construction and Management of artificial lakes and ponds and Management of existing lakes and ponds.