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What We Do :
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Fountain Technology

Fountains are an architectural piece which features flowing water or jets of water into the air. They are used for decorative purposes or for supplying drinking water. In the past fountains required the water source like a reservoir or tank at a higher elevation because they worked by gravity. But with the advances made in technology, fountains are now highly developed, complex and easy to maintain.

Indoor Fountains

As the name suggests, these are fountains located indoors and add to the aesthetic appeal of the interiors. Known for their relaxing and healing powers, floor fountains and wall fountains add the soothing sounds of water to any space, while adding a visually stunning focal piece.

Water Gardens

A water garden is just like any other garden, is a planned space that displays and is cultivated for the enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature. However, a water garden is an aquatic garden and has a man-made water feature. Its main purpose is to house, propagate and display aquatic plants and also sometimes fish or local wildlife depending on its location and size.

Landscape Irrigation

Landscape Irrigation refers to the spreading of water regularly and evenly through lawns, gardens and custom landscapes. The type of irrigation design and system will depend on a number of factors, such as the size of the lawn or garden, geographical location, underground utilities, and environmental regulations. It also depends on the different types of plant life involved such as flowers, trees, vegetables, and even the type of grass. Even with so many different factors involved in landscape irrigation and systems, there are only four basic types of irrigation systems. These include drip systems, mobile systems, overhead systems, and underground lawn irrigation systems.


ZTC´s Role

ZTC International is closely associated with Oase since they provide the best in products for all electro mechanical landscaping solutions. The function of designing and engineering fountains, water gardens and landscape irrigation is done by ZTC International. We install the highly effective systems and the finished work is something to be proud of. Oase uses pumps, filters, skimmers, pond jets, nozzles, armatures, jumping jets, lights and controls of various sizes and specifications to suit the output and design. The products are designed in such a manner that they are aesthetically appealing for complex fountains and water gardens.