The Qualcomm Green Wall, as conceived by the Architect of the building and approved by the management of Qualcomm, is located facing the cafeteria. The wall is aimed at providing aesthetically pleasing appearance to the plain wall and also to improve the indoor air quality. It is also to be a catalyst for providing cooling effect to the eyes and mind of the employees.


  • Project Name: Qualcomm India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Location: Bangalore
  • Year of installation: 2010
  • Modules used: Elmich
  • Size of wall: 51.6 sq. mts (combined area of both the walls)

Special Features of the project

  • Used slightly modified modules for the wall
  • For the first time in Bangalore ZTC used a number of indoor varieties of plants that would increase aesthetics of the café and relaxation area at the Qualcomm office building
  • The wall being located in café and relaxation area had to provide superior air purification, noise attenuation, and enriching effect on those who see it
  • The Green Wall obviously had to lower heating and cooling costs and there by decrease carbon emissions


The following are some of the challenging aspects of the project:

Indoor wall but the wall that receives a lot of sunlight from morning till noon

Plant selection was crucial and the ZTC team had to select the right plants that will grow in a healthy way indoors

The wall is in the refreshment area for the employees so the plants had to be selected that would give relaxation to the employees


Plants selected were

1. Colourful

2. Not sensitive to the intense light

3. Also suitable for the indoor wall



ZTC International has got the maintenance contract for the walls. The client provided complete support to the Maintenance team of the ZTC International and thanks to the efforts of the Horticulture and Maintenance team of the ZTC overall, both the walls look good and the plants are healthy and developing well after regular maintenance.


Being the 1st Indoor Green Wall project in Bangalore, Qualcomm Green Wall project has been a great learning experience. It is a model Indoor Green Wall project done by ZTC.

After proper maintenance and consistent efforts from ZTC and support of the client, now the result is a striking, living wall which delivers an elegant aesthetic solution to the café and relaxation area of the employees of Qualcomm as well as a number of performance advantages like: providing better indoor air quality, lowering energy requirements by keeping the area cool in summer and insulated during the winter, providing substantial connection to nature and increasing physical and mental wellbeing of the employees of Qualcomm.