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My recent trip to Singapore showcased how some of the nations in the world are dedicated to the cause of Green Technology for our better future. Never before in the history of the world has so much attention ever focused on the sustainable use of natural resources. The combination of global warming and a growing concern over the impact of carbon emissions resulting in huge damage to the quality of environment is adding urgency to the cause of sustainability. The most interesting and beneficial side effect of this concern has been a huge growth in the field of development of green technology and creation of numerous new jobs in the field.

The young professionals in a variety of Green Technology related fields have flourishing careers ahead of them. These professionals can be Landscapers, Operating Engineers, Site Supervisors, Equipment Operators, Roofers, Painters, Construction Labourers, Carpenters, Electricians or Plumbers. However, I believe basic to moderate training is required to get these professionals ready to take on the challenges.

The role of research and development is also crucial when it comes to the development of the Green Technology. I would like to conclude while emphasising on the need for businesses to invest heavily to get break-through in this emerging field and make a mark for themselves in the field that still has few dedicated corporates ready to invest in.

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Hema Kumar J
MD, ZTC International Landscape Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Recently Completed Project Information

At the Virwani Farmhouse located on the outskirts of Bangalore ZTC installed two Green Walls. Total area of the walls is 142 sq mts. Total of around 466 modules have been used to cover the two walls. The wall is outdoor Green Wall.

Both the walls are East facing and so the plants used are types that grow well in the such condition. Two three varieties of Ferns and Red and Green types of Alternanthera are used for the wall.

The Green Wall covers the sides of the wall too. Bright and colourful plants selected for the wall give it a unique appearance and makes it a true visual delight. The green wall has an amazing effect on the interior design of the wall, both visual, and climatic.

Valuable contributions from: Mr. Rajesh and Mr.Chandrashekar
Department: Design Landscape Engineering

The ZTC team recently completed installation of a 90 sq mts green wall in the lounge area of the ISTA Hotel in Vastrapur area of Ahmedabad. The wall is made up of 256 Elmich modules.

The factors that the wall is indoor one and will be in air conditioned area were considered before selecting the species of the plants to be used for the wall. Three species of plants used for the green wall are: Money Plant, Philodendron, and Syngonium. The media used for the plants to grow is coco peat.

The green wall has in real sense a visual appeal and the wall will also contribute to a healthy indoor climate by producing oxygen and humidity.

Valuable contributions from: Mr. Manoj and Ms. Nithyadevi
Department: Projects and Horticulture

Ongoing Project Information

ZTC International is currently working on the construction of swale at the Virwani Farmhouse located on the outskirts of Bangalore. The aim of the swale construction is to make sure that not a single drop of water that falls on the property is lost to runoff.

The swale will help recharge ground water by arresting the storm water runoff during the monsoon season and also filter the water before it reaches the lake to be constructed at the farmhouse.

The Elmich VersiTank which are easy to assemble and install are used to construct the swale. ZTC is using these products as they provide high compressive strength and there is no surface water storage problem.

At the site 130 gsm geotextile is also used to cover the VersiTank. The swale will help improve water quality and it is an extremely low maintenance technology that can be easily incorporated in the landscape.

Valuable contributions from: Mr. Chandrashekar
Department: Design Landscape Engineering

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