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Keeping our customers content has always been our main concern. As a leading Landscape Engineering company in India we pride ourselves with having an opportunity to work with the best of the Builders and Developers in the country. Builders and Developers envisage, fashion, direct, and synchronise the process of the development from the beginning to end.

The comprehensive process necessitates dexterity of several experts: Architects, Landscape Architects, Civil Engineers and Site Planners to tackle plan blueprint; Market Consultants to verify requirements and the financial viability of the project; Lawyers to draft and execute agreements and attain needful approvals from the Government; Environmental Consultants and Soils Engineers to analyse a site's material confines and environmental impacts; Inspectors and Title Companies to offer lawful imagery of a property; and Financers to provide funding.

The Builders and Developers in India justify to be credited for their contribution towards green building movement. Green building movement, though in its burgeoning phase in India, has already put the country ahead of some powerful economies. This has been made possible by some very prestigious commercial projects developed by Indian Construction Industry. The Builders and Developers also benefit a great deal by sustainable development including reduced energy consumption and lower water bills.

I would like to applaud each Green Builder for his / her enterprise towards making our earth more greener planet and would like to conclude by thanking you for your valuable suggestions for the improvement of our newsletter and for your continued attempt towards encouraging the efforts put in by the ZTC team in coming up with new edition of ZTC Cognisance.

Hema Kumar J
MD, ZTC International Landscape Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Recently Completed Project Information

The ZTC team recently completed installation of a small green wall in the office on the 11th floor of the WTC building in Yeshwanthapur Bangalore. The green wall was installed on 18th February 2012. The wall is made up of 30 HK Kadosh modules. The factors like the room where the wall is put up is air conditioned room and that the wall is semi shade one facing the north east direction were considered before selecting the species of the plants to be used for the wall.

Three species of plants used for the green wall are: Golden Fern, Fish Tail Fern, and Syngonium. The green wall being a small one will be watered and fertilised manually. The media used for the plants to grow is coco peat.

Valuable contributions from: Mr. Rajesh
Department: Design Landscape Engineering

Ongoing Project Information

ZTC is installing interactive fountain at the Orion Mall in Bangalore. The fountain has 36 interactive fountain pumps, underwater junction boxes, brass jet nozzles, cables, and program transmitter. All the fountain equipments are Oase - Germany make. The fountain also uses classic power LED RGB lights. The lights are Seliger - Germany make.

Interactive fountains consist of a collection of jets that are set into the floor in any design that can be thought of. Controller is then programmed to turn each jet on and off on precise sequences to bring the fountain alive. Fountain is programmed with a variety of changing arrays that constantly provide curious visual amusement.

Valuable contributions from: Mr. Saravanan G
Department: Design Electro Mechanical

ZTC is currently working on a project of installing multimedia floating fountain in Lavasa. The central nozzle will structure 200 ft giant fountain. The entire length of the digit 9 shaped fountain is 90 meters. All the equipments and materials used for the project are imported from Oase, Germany.

The fountain is positioned on the bank of a stream originating from the Sahyadris Mountain. The average depth of the stream is 30 feet. The gates of the two bridges built on the stream can be opened up if the water level gets too high.

Control room for fountain is located near the stream and houses panel board for laser lights, music, and standard lights for the fountain. For the fountain more than 70 pumps will be used. Already 200 cables have been laid in the water to complete 30 meters length of the fountain. Boats are used to pull cables from the control room and attached to the fountains. Fountain has been tied with ropes from all directions to anchor it and if need be ropes can be loosened to lift the fountain.

Lavasa is situated in the Western part of India, between Mumbai and Pune, in the center of the imposing Sahyadris, huddled in a bright green dale bordered by luxuriant, progressing mountains, clouds and water cascades.

Valuable contributions from: Mr. Prakash
Department: Projects Electro Mechanical

Other straightforward actions that if taken can lead to promoting safety at workplace are accounting hazardous situations like loose steps, burned out lights, faulty gears, jammed sockets, ..... The list is too long but the advantages are enormous. While no amount of safety regulations or work wear will ever take the place of common sense, these are definite contributors to maintaining and ensuring workplace safety.

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ZTC Team

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