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The second newsletter of ZTC International Landscape Solutions Pvt. Ltd. further stresses on the need to be ‘Green’ and informs the readers about the recently completed and ongoing Green Projects of ZTC. Keeping with the policy of advocating ‘Green’ ZTC recently sponsored the International Green Technology Symposium held in Indore.

We would like to mention that construction of buildings involves use of natural resources. Early man did not have complex and numerous needs like modern man has, so the homes of the early man had very little impact on the environment. Now with extremely sophisticated needs of human beings the construction of the buildings has become a big burden on the natural resources.

Especially in the developing nations with rise in urban population and unplanned city expansions, people are tapping more and more natural resources to fulfill the demands of the growing population. This is impacting the environment in negative way in the urban areas. The only solution to this problem is construction of Green Sustainable buildings and that is why the concept of Green Buildings in urban areas is acquiring greater currency all over the world.

In sync with the developments around the world in the field of Green Sustainable Technology, ZTC International Landscape Solution Pvt. Ltd. is coming up with technology to help make urban buildings Green and Sustainable. We are constantly trying to come up with more efficient technology in the field of Green Wall, Green Roofs, Lake Management, Storm Water Management, Rain Water Harvesting, and Recharge of Ground Water Level.

Hema Kumar J
MD, ZTC International Landscape Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Recently Completed Project Information

Sandur Residential School

ZTC International Landscape Solutions Pvt. Ltd. recently completed installation of 20 numbers of play equipments and 6 numbers of seaters for the Sandur Residential School. School children from the age 2 to 6 years can play on these equipments. Total area of the play ground at the school is 400 square meters.

The play equipments of KOMPAN are installed at the school. KOMPAN play equipments comply with the following safety standards: EN 1176, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 ensuring safe play for all. Also the KOMPAN products come with the warranty of 2 to 20 years.

The variety of play equipments used at the school are: Lighthouse, Hopper, Spinner Bowl, Racer, Octopus Seesaw, Swings, Sliders, and Home and Ocean The children can do the activities like swinging, stretching, rocking, sliding, balancing, jumping, and climbing. The children attain benefits like better health, social integration, learning while playing on these equipments.

Located in the Bellary district of Karnataka, the Valley of Sandur is an idyllic place. This is the location of the Sandur Residential School which was started in 1959 when good residential schools with a broad-based, progressive point of view were not many in number (Source: http://www.sandurresidentialschool.com/TheSetting.aspx)

Valuable contributions from: Mr. Saravanan G.
Department: Sr. Designer – Projects Electro Mechanical

Embassy Pristine

ZTC International Landscape Solutions Pvt. Ltd. recently completed construction of a small bio pond for the Sales and Marketing office for Embassy Pristine. The Embassy Pristine project is located in Sarjapur area of Bangalore. The water body has sand filter to keep the water of the pond clean.

Green Building Initiatives at Embassy Pristine include energy through the use of solar water heating and CFLs for lighting. Water is responsibly utilised as rainwater is harvested and grey water reused for watering the gardens and landscaped areas (Source: http://www.embassypristine.com/html/general/green_initiatives.html).

Valuable contributions from: Mr. Guttalada Yeritata (Project In-charge)

VersiWeb - Virwani Farmhouse

ZTC recently completed laying of VersiWeb at the farmhouse of Mr. Jitendra Virwani which is situated in the Bettahalasur village on the outskirts of Bangalore. The VersiWeb has been laid in 3500 square metres area for making a road, a walk way and in the parking area of the farm.

VersiWeb is a geosynthetic cellular confinement system designed to be filled with granular materials to create a three dimensional erosion barrier and structural bridge whilst facilitating easy drainage and preventing build-up of hydrostatic pressure.

Use of the VersiWeb allowed for distributing weight bearing loads and avoiding need to construct load support structures at the farm. Few benefits of using VersiWeb at the site were easy installation and cost effectiveness. VersiWeb also allows for unrestricted grass runner and root growth.

Valuable contributions from: Mr. Guttalada Yeritata (Project In-charge)

Ongoing Project Information

Virwani Farmhouse

ZTC has recently started work at farm house of Mr. Jitendra Virwani the Executive Chairman of the Embassy Group. The project is handled by Synergy Property Development Pvt. Ltd. The scope of work for ZTC includes Lake Construction, Lake Management, Bio-Filtration, Swale Construction and Green Wall.

The Bio-Filtration unit for the lily pond (volume 325,000 liters) will use imported filters from Oase Germany like Bitron 550 LM (UVC Clarification), Biotec 36 Screenmatic, and Bitron 110 C. The Aeration unit - Oxy Tex set 2000 CWS - from Oase, Germany will be used for the bio pond. Apart from that ZTC will have to set a control unit and connectivity unit for the bio pond for which control valves and PVC pipes will be used.

ZTC will also provide maintenance kit and accessories for the bio pond. The kit will contain pond wader, net, skimmer, algae control, silt remover, and oxygen stabiliser all from the German company Oase. Apart from these ZTC will provide Oase products that will help maintain pH, hardness and clarity of the pond water.

ZTC will also construct a 132 square metres Green wall using Elmich modules with UV as well as weed and root resistant Geo bags. The Green Wall will have automatic Irrigation and Fertigation system. The wall will use indoor and outdoor plants.

At the farm house an artificial lake (area - 11,000 square metres) will be constructed and ZTC will install a pond liner. ZTC will also maintain the lake using Oase Germany Lake Management products. Apart from these a swale also has to be constructed to arrest the run off of rain water from the site. The water will be used to recharge the bore wells and the lake at the site.

Valuable contributions from: Mr. Pradeep Kumar

Department: Sales and Marketing


How to maintain Green Wall?

Green Walls are extremely easy to maintain but need special attention with regards to the following things:

  • It is very important to see that the Green Wall receives sufficient amount of light each day for the plants to grow in a healthy way.
  • Care should be taken to avoid over dose of fertiliser as it may affect the plant growth.
  • Usually potable water with pH 5.5 to 6 should be used to water the plants. The water used should be free from chlorine.
  • Monitoring of filters and washing of sand filters to remove sand and other debris in the sand filters on regular basis is necessary.
  • Regular check up of the frame on which the Green Wall is planted is necessary.
  • Once a year checking of the irrigation system is necessary to prevent water collection in the event of heavy rain or an irrigation failure.
  • For exterior Green Wall it is necessary to check for weeds on the wall on regular basis.
  • Physical check up of plants is necessary to notice disease, dead leaves, and overgrowth of plants.
  • Clean off dust from the leaves of the plants of the Green Wall on a weekly basis.
  • If the Green Wall is modular it is necessary to keep the spare modules to replace if there is any mortality of plants.
  • The best tip however for the do-it-yourself Green Wall owner or a professional maintenance technical person or the installation person would be to choose preventative maintenance that will retain the safety and integrity of any Green Wall and also add years of sustainable splendour to any Vertical Garden.

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ZTC Team

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