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A word from MD

Dear Readers

Germany is one of my favourite travel places and it was a pleasure to be invited as a speaker on the topic “Challenges in high rise green wall system” at the GaLaBau Trade Fair 2012. It was greater joy meeting the experts from across the world and share the stage with Professor Dr. Manfred Koehler - President WGIN, Mr. Teva Raj Palanisamy - NPARKS Singapore, and Mr. Andreas Schulte - Bayerische Landesanstalt fur Weinbau und Gartenbau Veitshochheim.

GaLaBau - held every two years, is the world's most comprehensive survey of products for the design, construction and maintenance of urban, open and green spaces. The visitors to the fair include Contractors, Landscape Designers and Architects, Specifiers from Federal State and Local Authorities. This year too the trade fair was held at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg.

Exhibited product groups encompass wide range from construction and maintenance machinery and equipment; transport; plants and seeds; materials and components for construction and maintenance; urban design; playgrounds, leisure grounds, sports grounds; construction, maintenance and management of golf courses; specialist sectors; recycling, disposal, environmental protection for workshops and building sites; and many more.

People's informed interest in the various environmentally friendly products is uplifting. Europe has been very strict about its environment policy and the governments have taken all the measures to make sure that people are able to afford the green technology to make their spaces green and sustainable.

Singapore too has been very cautious about its urban growth and has increased its green cover along with the development of the city. Such meticulous planning and designing of the Indian cities would reduce the numerous woes (water shortage, polluted air, increased temperature, waste disposal, and many more) faced by urban Indians and also provide the urban dwellers with cleaner and protected environment. I would like to conclude with on a positive note of seeing India move rapidly towards cleaner, greener and sustainable future with the help of planned sustainable development.

Hema Kumar J
MD, ZTC International Landscape Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Recently Completed Project Information
Lodha Bellezza, Hyderabad (KOMPAN Play Equipment)

ZTC International recently completed the installation of KOMPAN Play equipment named Gym ELE400231 at the Lodha Bellezza, Hyderabad.

The Gym comprises two sections which are connected by a net. The first section consists of a transfer station that allows the child to move upwards toward the slide and net providing space for a large amount of children to play on. The second section creates a challe.

The total weight of the play equipment is 899 kg and its total height is 356 cm. The colourful red, blue, and green Gym is an excellent attraction for enthusiastic two to six year olds. Footholds and handholds allow children to climb around and enjoy the thrill and absolutely safe challenges while they get trained for life skills.

The benefits that children get by playing on this play equipment includes: promotes healthy physical exercise, develops their sense of awareness, helps empathise, and develops their intellect.

Valuable contributions from: Mr. Saravanan
Department: Design Electro Mechanical

Mrs. Radha Alhawat Residence, Gurgaon (Green Wall)

ZTC International used 45 modules and 720 plants to install green wall at the residence of Mrs. Radha Alhawat in Gurgaon. ZTC has used Elmich modules for the green wall.

Plants used in the green wall are: Alternanthera, Rheo tricolour and discolour, as well as Mondo grass. The green wall is outdoor one receiving ample sunlight.

Valuable contributions from: Mr. Abhishek
Department: Delhi Team

NCC, Hyderabad (Green Wall)

ZTC recently completed the installation of green wall at NCC, Hyderabad. The green wall is made of Kadosh as well as Elmich modules. The total number of modules is 216 and total of 1944 plants have been used in the green wall.

The varieties of plants used in the Elmich modules for this indoor green wall are: Rheo, ribbon grass, Ferns, Syngonium, Asparagus, and Boston Ferns.

The varieties of plants used in the Kadosh modules for this indoor green wall are: Rheo, Mondo Grass, Chlorophytum, Money Plant, and Philodendron.

Valuable contributions from: Mr. Chandrashekar
Department: Design Landscape Engineering

Ongoing Project Information
Dosti Vihar, Thane - Mumbai (Bio Pond)

ZTC International is currently executing an aquatic bio pond at Dosti Vihar, Thane - Mumbai. To keep the water of the pond crystal clear ZTC has fitted Oase made BioTec Screenmatic 36 two numbers along with Bitron 110 Monoblock pump one number, Biosystem UVclarifier two numbers and submersible pump.

The volume of the pond is 1.5 lac liters and various types of aquatic plants and fish add life to the pond. The bio pond surrounded by greenery adds to the aesthetic of the site.

Valuable contributions from: Mr. Piyush Bokde

How to maintain a Green Roof?

The amount of maintenance required for a green roof depends on the type of green roof selected. An extensive roof requires very little maintenance whereas an intensive one requires comparatively more maintenance depending on the plant species selected. However, the intensive green roof will need equal maintenance as the garden in the back or the front of the house needs. It should always be borne in mind that the benefits of having a green roof far outweigh the cost as well as time required for its maintenance.

Few tips to make the maintenance work easy, whatever may be the type of green roof selected, could be listed as under:

  • Even before installing a green roof check with the architect to ensure that the roof will be able to support the extra weight of the green roof.

  • Avoid selecting a design that does not include proper drainage system as it will result in dead plants and dead weight on the roof. ? Avoid the use of herbicides as they escape into the environment and reduce the root inhibiting ability of the root barrier.

  • Avoid the use of surface irrigation as they are expensive to maintain and do not deliver the water efficiently to the roots, where it is needed. Furthermore, it causes wastage of water through evaporation.

  • Allow few months for the plants to get established on the roof. During this time irrigation as per the species of the plants selected will be needed.

  • At times the growing media used for green roof releases the fertilisers over a period of time, however, once it gets exhausted the plants need to be fertilised.

  • Also the way for a ground garden raking of leaves and weeding is required; the same way it is required for the green roof too.

The final tip could be to avoid being economical in not so right way. Treating the green roof as a long term investment and paying utmost attention to the design as well as engineering techniques regarding the installation and maintenance of green roof will provide the owner with a trouble free green roof for years to come with numerous benefits.


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ZTC Team

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