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A word from MD

Dear Readers

In modern-day jargon, Green technology means producing without the use of environmentally harmful chemicals and fossil fuels which leads to the release of pollutants and toxins in the atmosphere and causes numerous health hazards and also causes degradation of natural resources.

What saddens people is that there is little or no awareness in the society regarding use of alternate sources of energy, chemical free farming, etc. Except few innovative measures taken to use wind and solar energy even Governments do not seem to take much efforts to spread the use of green technology like vertical gardens, green roofs, rainwater harvesting and storm water management.

Should governments start the use of green technology in their office buildings and encourage the promotion of this extremely needful technology it will be really tough for the enthusiasts to promote this technology on their own. In the absence of any support from the Governments in most nations we find the green products to be produced in fewer quantities and the incentives provided to the manufacturers insignificant.

A look at the global scenario and one finds that the awareness and the use of the green technology is comparatively more in developed nations but not sufficient enough to benefit the society in general. In India the use of the green technology is in its formative years and in fact one finds a lot of hesitation to use the technology which may help restore the environmental balance back. The biggest reason one feels for the slow promotion of green technology is the misconception that average Indian will not be able to afford the cost of green products which are misleadingly considered expensive.

I feel that we require collective efforts from the Government, Professionals and Public to see the faster spread of green technology. We need to promote green technology for our ecological balance, health security, and economic prosperity. Finally, I would like to thank you for your valuable suggestions for the improvement of our newsletter and for your continued attempt towards encouraging the efforts put in by the ZTC team in coming up with new edition of ZTC Cognisance.

Hema Kumar J
MD, ZTC International Landscape Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Recently Completed Project Information
Manyata TechPark, Bangalore (Green Wall)

Last month ZTC International completed the installation of two green walls at Manyata TechPark in Bangalore. The walls are 69.3 sq. mts in area. ZTC has used approximately 250 Elmich modules at the site.

The two walls are semi shade walls and are mirror reflection of each other. The green walls are irrigated and fertigated by automated system fitted in the modules. Three species of plants used for the wall are: Rhoeo discolour, Asparagus meyeri 'Fern Fox Tail', and Nephrolepis fishtail fern.

Valuable contributions from: Mr. Chandrashekar
Department: Design Landscape Engineering

RMZ Sales Pailion, Bangalore (Green Wall)

ZTC International recently completed the installation of modular green wall at the RMZ Sales Pavilion, Bangalore. At the site 42 numbers of Elmich modules were used. For the first time ZTC has used the Peperomia plant for the green wall.

The green wall was installed in the record time including the fixing of the pilasters, modules and the irrigation and the fertigation units. The plants are adapting well with the Bangalore weather conditions.

Valuable contributions from: Mr. Chandrashekar
Department: Design Landscape Engineering

Ongoing Project Information
Bhartiya City, Bangalore (Water Bodies)

ZTC International is currently working on a project at Bhartiya City, Bangalore where at the Linear Park three fountains will be installed. The water bodies will use submersible monoblock pump and Oase - Germany make foam jet fountain nozzle. The first and third water body at the Linear Park will use three numbers of nozzles and the second water body will use five numbers of nozzles. Apart from the nozzles the water bodies will use cables, valves, gasket, nut, bolts, reducers, bushes, elbows, and tees.

At the Discovery Center ZTC International will install four numbers of water bodies. Three water bodies are foam jet fountains with cascade water fall while the fourth one is a Lily pond. The first fountain will use 13 numbers of Oase Germany make foam jet nozzles, the second fountain will use 7 numbers of Oase Germany make foam jet nozzles and the third fountain will use 24 numbers of Oase Germany make foam jet nozzles. The lily pond at the site uses five numbers of Oase Germany make Filtral 5000 UVC pond filter.

Valuable contributions from: Mr. Saravanan
Department: Design Electro Mechanical

Mantri Magnolia, Bangalore (Water Features)

ZTC International also recently started executing water features at the Mantri Magnolia. The site has two water features one is cascade water feature with sheet fall and second one is foam jet nozzle fountain that uses four numbers of water dependent cascade 70 T nozzles from Oase Germany.

Valuable contributions from: Mr. Saravanan
Department: Design Electro Mechanical

How to choose the right kind of outdoor play equipments?

Playing outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air is what children love the most. We need to provide them with outdoor play areas so that they can develop some skills that they will find useful in the future. The following hints will help on choosing safe outdoor play equipments for children to play as well as learn useful lessons for later use in life.

  • The most important point to consider while choosing the outdoor play equipments will be the liking of the children and the age group of the children.

  • Secondly, it will important to consider the location for which the play equipments are being chosen. For example, for school, park or recreational area, camping or leisure or multi sport and exercise area.

  • Do not forget to include plants and water in the play area. This allows children to enjoy nature and provides a variety of surface levels.

  • Make sure the play equipments used are non-toxic and do not use lead paint to ensure the health of the children does not suffer.

  • While the play equipments are being chosen make sure there are no bolts sticking out or there are rough edges that can injure the children or tear their clothes.

  • Use the products that are designed to require the lowest levels of maintenance possible, such as using the highest quality materials available and no repainting of parts. This considerably increases the life time of the playground and acts as a strong defence towards possible vandalism.

  • Make sure the play equipments are installed on surfaces that can cushion the fall of the child. The ideal surfaces could be wood chips, mulch, sand pea gravel or shredded rubber which is at least a foot deep.

  • Pay lot of importance to the warranty provided by the play equipment manufacturer and check if warranty covers damaged parts, installation, and maintenance.

  • Check the after sales services provided by the play equipment manufacturer.

  • Make sure there is sufficient distance between play equipments to provide safety to the children.

  • Lastly, make sure the play area provides ample opportunity to let children's imagination soar.


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