Why reduce Carbon Footprint?

Modern technology Owes ecology An apology.

~Alan M. Eddison

Severe increases in Earth’s atmospheric and surface temperatures, with other disastrous environmental consequences are the main reasons why each one of us needs to reduce Carbon Footprint. CO2 levels have been increasing at an alarming rate since the Industrial Revolution,and are further expected to rise with the increase in demand of energy and use of fossil fuels to generate power. The penalty of greenhouse gas emission is not local but rather global and reflects both profit and reparation caused across the world. Each ton of carbon is estimated to stay in the environment for a long period and contribute to a flow of costs in the future.

Global warming is also responsible for the rising sea levels and the flooding of large areas of costal lands. The effects of ozone diminution on overall biogeochemical cycles, through augmented UV-B rays at the Earth’s face, have persistently and strongly influenced marine carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, and metals cycles that influence a broad range of life progression.

Warming is more favourable the cooler your initial conditions and climate models predict more warming in the high latitudes than in the rest of the world. A much more gloomy revelation extends to the low latitudes. The low latitude countries are also already hot and so any further warming is expected to damage agriculture. The low latitude countries also have much more labor-intensive agriculture.

In a relative analysis of India and the United States, the Indian farms were found to be much more climate sensitive than the American farms. There is every reason to believe that low latitude countries will be more defenseless to global warming than the high latitude countries. The damages in energy, water, and coasts will be too high for the low latitude nations to accept.

Heavy carbon footprint has already resulted in huge economic losses to economies that are dependent on land and natural resources. Increase in ocean temperature is about to cause heavy losses to economies that attract tourists to explore oceans and view coral reefs. Also due to climate change and failed crops drought prone countries like Mali are experiencing huge rise in people suffering from malnutrition with each passing year.

Also climate change has led to huge drop in population that has access to safe drinking water which has led to increase in instances of water borne diseases and also due to higher pollution the respiratory diseases like asthma and allergies are increasing. Furthermore, the shifting weather patterns have become a huge threat to the wildlife which is unable to keep up with the rate at which the climate is changing. Migratory birds and Arctic bears are some of the species that are facing a huge risk.

It would be however, unfair if one only concentrates on the negative impact of rise in Carbon level. The research done on the effect of rising carbon levels indicates that plants grow faster with increase in carbon levels. Apart from that the leaves lose less water as the CO2 level increases, thereby, trees are able to grow in drier conditions as well.

However, we cannot deny the fact that global warming is a certainty that we will be facing in the near future and most scientists support the dangerous effects of increase in the green house gases in the atmosphere. We would be justified in taking actions to slow the process of CO2 release now. We should invest in the development of alternative energy sources and discourage the construction of new coal and oil based power plants that will release even more CO 2 into the air.

We should endeavour to demonstrate that we are environmentally responsible citizens of the world and enjoy the long run economic and environmental benefits of being advocates and users of Green Technology.







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