Greener options to conventional options

The greener and eco-friendly options to the conventional options are built to last longer, use fewer natural resources to build and actually save money for the user in the long run. It is time we can say that though there are some challenges to overcome; going green does save money as well as the greenery around us. However, the problem with the greener options as compared to conventional options is that there is lack of variety in the green materials currently available. To overcome this limitation here is the useful list of the greener options as against the conventional options.

Stop using Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs as LED is by far the better choice. Many companies make LED bulbs that look like conventional bulbs and give off great light while using a small part of the electricity. In addition, LED bulbs have no mercury, so clearance and breakage are less dangerous. The other Green option can be use of paints that emanate no or little noxious vapours while the paint is applied and as the paint dries. Progress in technology has made it likely for paint manufacturers to produce exciting, hard-wearing paints that release little to no toxic gas.

Connecting a tiny unit of water filter to kitchen tap can give better overall taste to drinking water. Specially using one that can be screwed directly onto the end of faucet and that can allow switching the filter on or off. The two fold benefits of the feature are extended lifespan of the filter and comfort to switch to regular tap water for washing hands or doing the dishes. The small change can compensate the cost of not purchasing bottled water and one can get rid of all the plastic.

People with a lawn can use natural lawn manure to facilitate the garden develop with minimum or no impact on the atmosphere. The application of this manure is as easy as application of the chemicals. To have cleaner and greener house one can change to use green cleaners instead of normal chemical cleaners. One more plus point of this transformation is no persistent chemical smell.

Green floor covering offers exhilarating options for environmentally friendly construction. These options are durable, strong, and not subject to price changes as usual flooring options are. Green flooring options are available in variety of shapes, sizes and colours. As all these green products use less virgin material and more recycled material they are a superior choice, naturally. Some of these options are in fact 30-50% cheaper than conventional options, thus providing consumer the cost advantage since the start.

For fitness, ecological and artistic motives, numerous people have shown interest in substitutes to chlorine pools, and fortunately there are various options these days to have a swimming pool without using chemical based cleaning products. The designers of natural pools also guarantee that these new systems have low maintenance costs as compared to conventional pools, and their installation costs are at par with the standard designs.

Thus we can safely conclude that when selecting products for home, multiple green choices are available: low-VOC interior paint, flooring made of environmentally friendly materials, and compact fluorescent and LED lighting are just some of the few options available to make home more earth friendly.

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